Built for progressive growers to make smart fertiliser decisions and maximise return on their fertiliser investment.


Developed to support leading consultants to test and refine their fertiliser recommendations with confidence.


Supporting agribusiness enterprises to keep ahead of the industry and their competitors.

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For Growers

Your Data. Our Technology. Better Fertiliser Decisions.

Getting more profit from fertiliser requires variable rates—giving your crops the right amount of fertiliser, where it’s needed. But working out variable fertiliser rates is hard and time-consuming, and the more paddocks you work on, the more complicated it gets. So we made it easy.

Our machine learning algorithms take the hassle out of variable rate fertiliser decisions. Using data you’ve already got, and climate data we access, we create variable rate fertiliser maps that will make you the most money this season.

All you need is a standard web browser, and to tell us which paddocks you want to vary fertiliser rates on. We’ll generate your fertiliser prescriptions for easy upload to your rate controller.

You don’t need to:

  • subscribe to or learn yet another software program. Laconik talks to your existing precision agriculture (PA) platform and VR machinery.
  • try to program your tractor interface. Laconik syncs with your PA account to seamlessly transfer the data to your tractor.
  • collect more data. You’ve already collected the most useful and valuable data. It’s in your yield maps and rotations. Laconik seamlessly uses this data for smarter fertiliser decisions and better returns.
  • spend time cleaning and interpreting yield maps. Our algorithm does it all for you.

Money in your pocket
Most of our growers get a ROI of 100%. For every $1 they spend, they make $2.

Confidence and control with easy strip trials
When done properly, strip trials show if you’re using the right fertiliser rate, or wasting or losing money.

But proper strip trials are hard work. How many strips and in what order? How many replicates do I need? How to apply the strips without disrupting operations? How do I use the result for better fertiliser decisions next season?

Laconik’s strip trials do the work for you. Simply enter the fertilisers and rates you want to test then drag the trial into your paddock. The trial will be put down (and harvested) as part of normal operations. Because the trials are replicated and randomised, you’ll get scientifically analysed trial reports at the end of the season. This will show if yield differences were due to your fertiliser treatments or not.

What you need

  1. Your PA platform
    Link your PA platform to Laconik—for example, your John Deere account. This enables us to get the data we need (your paddock boundaries, AB lines and yield data) to optimise fertiliser rates and create prescription files.
  2. Historical yield data
    We can work with as little as last season’s yield data. However, the more yield data you have, the better your prescriptions will be. If you’ve been using your PA platform for a few years you’ll likely already have a few seasons of data. If you’re not already collecting yield data, start now. Your headers probably have the capability, you just need to turn the yield monitor on.
  3. VRT capable machinery
    Laconik works with VR technology that now comes standard with most machinery.

For Consultants

Your Clients. Our Technology. Better Fertiliser Decisions.

Make life easier for yourself and farming easier for your clients. Use Laconik’s simple online tools to:

  • save time
  • give better advice
  • help your clients apply the right fertiliser rates in the right places.

For you:
Work faster – You can generate a variable rate fertiliser prescription for a paddock in a few minutes, giving you more time to focus on more clients, more hectares, or better service.

Be different – How many other consultants are making variable fertiliser rates easier (not harder) for their clients?

One map – Manage all your clients on a standard web browser. Add in. unlimited clients, farms and paddocks.

Tailored advice – The best fertiliser recommendations are tailored to the paddock and conditions. Use your client’s data to give customised fertiliser recommendations.

Be agile – Give profitable variable rate fertiliser solutions at any time during the season.

Pay as you go – Only pay for what you use, so you and your clients save.

For your clients:
Confidence that:

  • Your advice is specific to them and each of their paddocks.
  • Your advice is based on an objective view of seasonal conditions, not gut-feeling.
  • You’re not just pushing another fertiliser product.
  • They’re getting the best bang for their fertiliser buck.
  • They’ll get a better crop and higher returns with no extra effort on their part.

What you need:

  • A desire to provide better fertiliser solutions.
  • A willingness to embrace spatial and seasonal variability in your advice.
  • Clients with historical yield data and the initiative to vary fertiliser rates.
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